Effects on Health
Most people are born with a healthy body. People differ from each other in the inherited personality and hereditary trait. People also live in different environment in terms of ambient surroundings, diets and interpersonal stresses. Under these conditions, some people get sick while others do not. What makes this difference? If we know the answer and can ward off the cause of diseases we can live a healthy life.
Reactive Oxygen Species・Free Radicals that Damage DNA

One of the main causes of diseases is DNA damage. The human body is made up of cells which produce protein and other substances essential for life. For this purpose, DNA in the nucleus works constantly. DNA carries genetic codes and, if they are damaged, life machine is impaired resulting in illness. The human body is made up of about 60 trillion
cells and 10-20 billion cells are born and die each day. DNA plays a role in this activity. It is understandable that damage of DNA leads to illness. Free radicals including reactive oxygen species are a major player in DNA damage.

Humans consume oxygen to live. Energy is required to do activities. This energy is produced in the form of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) through the citric acid cycle in mitochondria. A problem is that free radicals including reactive oxygen are inevitably formed when ATP is produced. There are various enzymes in the body that destroy free radicals, but if radicals are produced in excess, DNA is damaged to impair cell activity causing illness and aging.

Terahertz Rays that Normalize Quantum Disorder

Why then some people develop cancer while others do not when all of them suffer DNA damage by free radicals? The body has a circuit for DNA repair. If this circuit does not function, various diseases including cancer develop. It is now said that one out of three people develop cancer. It has long been known that cancer incidence is very low among workers in the bee industry. Queen bees live longer than working bees and are able to lay a large number of eggs every day. This has attracted attention to royal jelly, food of the queen bee. Royal jelly is found to contain decenoic acid , etc. which suppress cancer growth.

However, royal jelly alone cannot stop clinical cancer completely although it certainly invigorates people. Why royal jelly activates the body is not well understood. I paid attention to far infrared rays emitted by beehives since both the queen bee and royal jelly are present inside the beehive. I thought of the possibility that far infrared rays emitted by the beehive activate the queen bee and royal jelly. In other words, far infrared rays not only invigorate living matter but also suppress cancer. I conducted experiments to test this idea and the results obtained pointed out the critical function of terahertz rays within the far infrared range, serving as the first step toward establishment of quantum medicine.


One problem in conducting experiments was to culture cancer cells in a small space, called incubator containing 5% CO2 gas at 37○C. A large tree cannot be placed in it. Stones or Bincho charcoal emitting far infrared rays cannot irradiate culture dishes uniformly. Then I remembered pictures of female divers who go under cold sea in early spring. They wear wet suits that reflect far infrared rays among infrared rays emitted by their bodies. In collaboration with a wet suit maker, the wet suit material was modified to suite the particular purpose of our experiments. The results obtained showed that a certain range of wavelengths within far infrared rays is able to suppress growth of cancer cells. Later analysis revealed that this range of wavelengths matches that of terahertz rays, that generate energy of the 21st century able to restore DNA. Terahertz rays have since been the research theme of our Institution.

The experimental results are published in Nature Precedings and a European journal (Hiroki Shima, Shingo Yamamoto, Jun Qiu, Mayumi Shincho, Seiichi Hirota, Yoshie Yoshikawa, Reigetsu Yoshikawa & Tomoko Hashimoto-Tamaoki, Far-infrared rays control prostate cancer cell in vitro and in vivo, Nature Precedings, 2009, & Hiroki Shima, Shingo Yamamoto, Jun Qiu, Mayumi Shincho, Seiichi Hirota, Yoshie Yoshikawa, Reigetsu Yoshikawa & Tomoko Hashimoto-Tamaoki, Far-infrared rays control prostate caner cell in vitro, Cent Eur J Biol 5 (2): 178-189, 2010). They show that far infrared rays induce apoptosis (natural cell death) and suppress growth of human prostatic cancer cells.

Further analysis of wavelengths directly affecting cancer cells identified terahertz rays as being strongly involved in growth suppression.

What are Terahertz Rays?
Terahertz rays are electromagnetic waves with 3-1000 um wavelengths and 1012 frequency within the range of far infrared radiation. Terahertz rays used in our Institution are incoherent waves having no fixed phase relationship.
In terms of sunlight, terahertz rays are within the infrared range. All living matter in nature emits life vibrational waves called terahertz rays. The human body also emits terahertz rays. Babies emit the largest amount of terahertz rays with the highest average emissivity. As the vitality declines with age, the amount of emission of terahertz rays and the average emissivity decrease. Ailing organs and weakened bodies show reduction in the terahertz ray emission and the average emissivity. In a sense, the level of life activity of living matter can be expressed by the emission level of terahertz rays and the average emissivity.

Healthy plants, animals and foods show higher emission of terahertz rays and higher average emissivity compared to unhealthy counterparts. This is because, in unhealthy plants, animals and foods, the frequency and amplitude of lattice vibration of organic macromolecules constituting cells are low and disordered. Terahertz rays as the life oscillatory wave consists of two types: one is absorbed by water and the other not. Most terahertz rays absorbed by water increase the level of terahertz energy of water.
Applications of Terahertz Rays (Quantum Rays)

This Institution conducts medical and physical experiments using terahertz rays with the aim of permanent cure of diseases that cannot be dealt with satisfactorily by western medicine.

(1) Effect of FIR (far infrared rays) on living body

  1. Growth inhibition of prostatic cancer
  2. 3-D structure of protein in cancer cells

(2) Effect of terahertz rays on living body

  1. Growth inhibition of breast cancer
  2. Analysis of lattice oscillatory waves of inorganic material
  3. Analysis of structural changes of molecules in human cancer cells
  4. Treatment by terahertz rays and its application

(3) Clinical tests

  1. Effect of Teraseals (old version of Quantum seals)on stiff neck (UMIN registration 000004956)
    Subjects: Males and females with stiff neck, total 150 (completed)
  2. Analysis of Ca concentration in blood and hair of normal males and females (UMIN registration 000054977)
    Subjects: healthy males and females under 40, 5 each (in progress)
    UMIN (University Hospital Medical Information Network)
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