Enhancement of Intrinsic Properties of Organic and Inorganic Matters

In the field of medicine, among others, terahertz rays, which are powerful in normalizing sickly cells, are effective in the treatment of cancer and regeneration of neron networks and may provide a highly effective anti-aging means.

Our Institution aims to enhance intrinsic characteristics of organic and inorganic matter by resonating their lattice oscillatory waves with powerful terahertz rays to improve human health and earth environment.

Terahertz rays offer a means to maintain freshness of food, bolster sound growth of plants and animals and use energy efficiently.

Collaborative Study for the Development of Diagnostic and Treatment
Apparatuses for Cancer without Side Effects
Terahertz rays are powerful in altering matter and potentially used to develop diagnostic and treatment apparatuses. Through establishing partnership with industrial firms engaged in the development of revolutionary apparatuses for disease diagnosis and treatment, our institutional know-how will be put to practical use for betterment of human kind and the earth.

Development and Commercialization of Non-ionizing Quantum Seal
The Q-seal (Quantum Seal) is an emitter of terahertz rays produced by irradiation of strong terahertz rays emitted from our quantum oscillator. When a Q-seal is put o over a stiff neck or shoulders and other bothersome parts of the body, water in the body resonates to improve the flow of Qi. Pasting the seal on the inside wall of a plastic vegetable container in the refrigerator may prolong the storage life of vegetables. For those concerned about engine noise or fuel consumption of an automobile, paste the seal on the positive and negative electrodes of the battery. This may improve the engine sound, acceleration and even gas mileage. For those who drink tea, whisky or wine, paste the seal at the bottom of the container or ceramic cup. You will pleasantly notice that the taste of the drink becomes mellower. For those who wish to purchase Quantum seals, click the purchase site below.

Content: A set of sheet (20 seals per set) Price: $20.00
Research and Development : SHIMA Institution for Quantum Medicine

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