Toward Establishing a Unified Theory for Permanent Cure of Diseases
Hiroki Shima M.D. Ph.D.
Former Administrative Director
Professor emeritus
Hyogo College Medicine

Modern medicine has achieved brilliant results in curing human diseases. Diverse treatment strategies including the use of antibiotics and antibacterial agents against contagious diseases, surgical removal of early cancer, radical surgery, radiotherapy including heavy particle radiotherapy, hormonal therapy, immune enhancement chemotherapy, drug therapy including various anticancer agents and gene therapy have shown remarkable therapeutic effects.

I am a urological surgeon engaged in treatment of patients with prostate cancer, kidney cancer, bladder cancer, etc. using modern medicine mainly in university hospitals for nearly 40 years. I treated many patients successfully but also faced unfortunate, sad outcomes in the case of refractory diseases as represented by advanced cancer. Generally, drugs are known to have side effects. Anticancer drugs, in particular, pose a big problem of side effects (decreases in the number of leucocytes and platelets, loss of hair, nausea, etc.) in addition to high cost. In the case of advanced cancer, 5-year survival is not easily achievable using anticancer drugs.

My experience mentioned above prompted me to explore a means to achieve fundamental cure and prevention of diseases from a different angle. To this end, I researched and practiced Eastern medicine, qigong, yoga, martial arts and a variety of diets which help to invigorate the body and mind. I came to a realization of the necessity of establishing a unified theory for fundamental cure of diseases and focused on the quantum which is the main constituent factor of the body. The reason for my paying attention to the quantum is that it is the ultimate unit of molecular constituents with the characteristics of both waves and particles. I came to think that a disarray of the quantum field plays a major role in human diseases. I obtained scientific evidence that terahertz rays ranging from 3 to 1000 μm in wavelength are effective to normalize the quantum field, leading to permanent cure of diseases. This has been published in a Western journal.

With firm conviction that this will bring new medicine in the 21st century, I have established General Incorporated Foundation SHIMA Institution for Quantum Medicine. I am determined to do my best to help sick people.
Establishment of Quantum Medicine with a View of its Application to Natural Science
This Institution conducts quantum medical research described below and applies the aapplication results to contribute to the development of modern medicine, natural sciences and the society.
  1. To apply research results in quantum medicine to current medical treatment to prevent side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy and to increase the chance of permanent cure of cancer.
  2. To reduce cancer risk.
  3. To provide economically effective treatment to reduce medical expenses.
  4. To apply research results in quantum medicine widely to natural sciences to ensure harmony and conservation of the earth environment.

To achieve these objectives, the following activities are conducted.

  1. Application of research results in quantum medicine to medical treatment.
  2. Attempts to apply results of quantum medical research widely to natural sciences.
  3. Dissemination and promotion of results arising from wide application of results of quantum medical research to natural sciences. Training of researchers and aids of research in this field.
  4. Sponsoring international exchanges, study meetings, symposia and forums, and production of books and teaching materials with the aim of wide application of research results in quantum medicine to natural sciences.
  5. Other activities to achieve the purpose of this Foundation.

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